What If: 

  • You were able to have all the energy you needed, slept great at night and woke rested, every day?
  • Your gas, bloat, indigestion and digestive issues were gone, for good?
  • You finally got off the emotional rollercoaster and felt in control with your mood, rather than letting it control you? 

  • Your next period “came out of nowhere” because you no longer got those horrendous cramps, aches & pains, cravings, breast tenderness or irritable mood?

  • You found that you loved yourself everyday, not just somedays, even with life’s natural ups and downs?

  • You felt sexy more often than not, tapping into your sensual energy as part of being human and honoring ALL of your needs – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?  
  • All that happened because you finally learned how to FOCUS your efforts correctly on HEALING your symptoms at the root cause, HOLISTICALLY, rather than just treating your symptoms using information you read online, saw in a forum, or were sold at the natural health food store?

What Got You Here 

Won’t Get You There


You Need A NEW Approach to HEALING….one that starts with the innate belief that anything is possible!!!

The Holistic Doctor (N.D.) in me provides you with:  

✔️A clear step by step plan to guide your healing, including evidence based natural medicine recommendations.

✔️Regular consults where we focus on correcting broken systems to heal symptoms, NOT on treating symptoms, which doesn’t heal them.

✔️Natural, individualized solutions that keep the healing process going, and are adapted as you heal, because as you heal, you’ll naturally need different things to support the healing process!

✔️There’s no “single suggestion” of supplements you should be on indefinitely…..the goal is to use supplements as they are intended: to supplement your healing process. Then move on to a new supplement routine as you heal….eventually not needing many of them, because you healed! Get it 🤔 Got it 😜 Good 🙌🏽

✔️Advanced laboratory testing that will help us uncover physical root causes of your symptoms, which will support your healing process. But let us not forget the mental and emotional! We don’t just do the physical here at Your Wellness Expert….we’re aiming for lasting results.

✔️Solid dietary, lifestyle, and stress management habits, which are the foundation of YOUR well-being. 

The Direct & Intentional Coach in me helps you to: 

🦋Be open as you set out to heal. Healing is a two steps forward, one step back path, and having someone there to help you see when you should stick with the plan is critical.

🦋Stop wasting efforts starting and stopping different programs or treatments, taking random supplements or trying out every diet under the sun.

🦋Get past emotional struggles you encounter when it comes to making necessary changes to heal.

🦋Question your mindset and remain inquisitive as you build your trust in the healing process.

🦋Keep the momentum going with my on-going, direct intentional support.

       = No one off doctor’s visits here – those don’t work for real change! 👊

And the Intuitive Guide in me assists you in: 

💫 Putting all the pieces together, finally being able to see the 10,000 foot view to heal. 

💫Tapping into parts of you that are stuck during the healing process.

       = Trust me, your symptoms are not just physical issues.

💫 Surfacing issues that are keeping you stuck that often provide you with the great insights to keep healing.

💫 Creating an Individualized Map to heal YOUR body, mind and spirit, so you can stop guessing at what to do to finally feel great again.  

💫 Strengthening your intuition; being one of the greatest gifts you have to living a vital and energized life.

       = Your are already highly intuitive, you just need to trust it more! 

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of health. When you feel good, your self-worth sky rockets. When you increase your self-worth, you are confident, vital and well. 💃

When you are well, you show up as the best version of yourself. You’re energy is magnetic and you uplift those around you. 💥

And the world needs more of that! ✨

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