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Health Upkeep 12-Month Program

Keeping you healthy once you start to heal your symptoms and supporting you to reach your best level of health is what I do best. Health is not a goal, it is a lifestyle!

This program is designed for those clients who have worked with Dr. Maggie previously. 

Diet, lifestyle and natural therapies are all vital to getting you the results you want; therefore the visits are tailored specifically to help you meet all those health needs. Healing happens physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and this program supports you through that.

All visits happen over the course of 12 months. There are two different options for appointments, depending on your needs. Either way, you have all the benefits of being a member of my clinic (full access to me throughout the year).

Some people do better with longer visits spaced out and some do better with shorter visits every other month, we will discuss this at the first visit. The investment is the same either way, as the time allotment is the same. Visits will happen bimonthly or seasonally. 

Also included: 

  • Unlimited secure messaging, directly to me, for the entire 12-months
  • Functional Lab Testing: one functional lab test included (others may be purchased as needed)
  • Individualized supplement plan: access to 15% off all professional-grade supplements through my online distributor
  • Online resources to keep you accountable to reaching your goals
  • The ability to schedule additional 10-15 minute phone calls as needed to keep you on track

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