12-Month Membership with Dr. Maggie Luther

Ready to work with someone who can help you uncover the REAL root cause(s) of your health issues & give you a personalized plan to heal them? Great, let's do this.👇🏽

Included in your membership: 

  • A Personalized Healing MAP

  • Natural medicine recommendations addressing the REAL Root Causes of your health challenges

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations specific to your foundational health

  • Dietary resources, including meals and recipes for your well-being

  • Lab work: we'll run advanced testing looking at gut, hormones, metabolism, adrenals, and more 

  • Virtual appointments every six weeks, over the year, to keep the healing going

  • Your Personalized Healing MAP and supplement routine adapted as you heal

  • 20% off Quality Supplements

  • Unlimited messaging with Dr. Maggie directly, for in between appointment support 🙌🏽

  • Exclusive monthly resources to live your best life! 

Frequently Asked Questions

You're signing up for a 12-month health and wellness membership with Dr. Maggie Luther of Your Wellness Expert, Inc. This is an opportunity for you to work directly with Dr. Maggie Luther, a leading expert in healing your symptoms at the REAL root cause, for an entire year. 

The 12-month membership is $400 a month and requires a 12 month commitment. Included in this fee is everything outlined above. There is a pay as you go option and a pay in full option. The pay in full option affords an 11% savings. 

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